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Here at Renewal Lodge we are committed to long-lasting recoveries.

We understand that truly long-lasting recoveries from addiction require more than what many other recovery programs offer. To work, recovery requires nothing less than rewiring your mind. Rewiring that is possible through mindfulness training.

Science has proven that it works. We can literally train our minds to create neural pathways that are healthy and help make long-term recovery a reality for our clients. We provide that training at Renewal Lodge: Mindfulness in Recovery, or MIR.

What MIR (Mindfulness In Recovery) is and how it is different

Elite athletes will tell you that training their minds is as important as training their bodies. To run further, throw faster, lift more, an athlete’s mind must be trained to align with the work they are doing physically.

We incorporate a similar type of mental training at Renewal Lodge with one critical goal: long-term recovery. We train people to restructure their whole mind, body, health, and attention through mindfulness while using the 12 step tools of recovery.

In the end, the mental strength training that mindfulness provides enables people to be who they want to be. To show up for the people in their lives. To align their actions with their values. To rewire their neural pathways so that they once again experience joy from things that are actually important to them.

Why MIR training works

Science has taught us that with people struggling with addiction the brain has been hijacked. After years of being trained to respond to stimulus driven pleasure, the addicted brain gets out of balance neurologically. When this happens, individuals can’t find a way back to durable happiness.

Now science has found that the way to get the brain back into balance is to use attention training or mindfulness. Mindfulness begins the process of rebuilding and restoring healthy neural pathways in the brain.

The most exciting aspect of this work is when our staff works with someone new, we can provide them hope. We can tell them honestly that they are not broken. They just didn't learn some critical skills. They are missing crucial training that can make a difference in their efforts to recover.

At Renewal Lodge, they are in a safe place to train and develop the skills needed to be successful. It's not mystical. It's not magical. But it does require professional and dedicated training by an experienced team. Can training in mindfulness with in substance abuse treatment really enhance recovery? We believe the best answer to this comes from our clients. When asked what part of the program was most helpful,100% responded “Mindfulness.”

“The new approach taken by Burning Tree (Renewal Lodge) to incorporate meditation and awareness training with the 12 step process is a game-changer for addicts and alcoholics,” one client said in his exit survey.

Why Renewal Lodge

Renewal Lodge is a very unique place in the world of recovery centers. We are the national training center for Mindfulness in Recovery and one of the few places with a fully integrated mindfulness and recovery approach. Not only is our staff trained in mindfulness, we are daily practitioners. We actually practice what they teach. It is part of our lives. There’s really no substitute for that.

QUOTE from John Bruna, developer of MIR: The meaningful life you’ve always wanted is not out there somewhere. It's always been inside you. It's not about the things you get to do. It's how you to show up for the things that have always mattered to you. There is hope. There is recovery.