92% Recommend Renewal Lodge
92% of our clients are willing to recommend Renewal Lodge to their family and friends.
98% Approve Counselors
Our clients gave our primary counselors a 98% approval rating and cite how caring our staff is in our exit survey.
60% Cite Mindfulness
60% of our clients stated that the Mindfulness Program was the most beneficial part of Renewal Lodge.
Information based on more than 200 exit surveys from Renewal Lodge clients.
Retrain Your Brain,
Bring Your Spirit Back into Balance

We understand that long-lasting recovery from addiction requires a significant change.
To work, recovery requires us to rewire our mind.

We can train our minds with mindfulness and the 12 Steps to create new neural pathways.
This rewiring is possible through mindfulness training.
Learn From National Mindfulness and Recovery Experts

Renewal Lodge is the Model Mindfulness Program in the Country Because:

— We are an exclusive certified mindfulness training center in the USA with Mindfulness in Recovery®
— We are a Mindfulness in Recovery® Training Center for individuals, recovery coaches and clinicians in Elgin, Texas
— Our staff is highly trained and teaches and practices mindfulness and recovery practices daily
Promising Pilot Study Points to What's Possible
In a promising pilot study, our clients cited significant change after treatment at Renewal Lodge:

Emotional Wellbeing:
Clients reported a 37% increase in emotional wellbeing after treatment at Renewal Lodge.
Mindfully Responding:
Clients cited a 26% increase in their ability to regulate emotion, stay in the present and observe unpleasant feelings.
Decreases in Craving:
Clients cited a 25% decrease in feeling a drive to consume alcohol or drugs.
Information based on a pilot research study with 30 Renewal Lodge clients.
Mindfully Helping Our Clients Recover

“The new approach taken by Renewal Lodge to incorporate meditation and awareness training with the 12 step process is a game-changer for addicts and alcoholics,” Client who filled out Exit Survey.

Deepen Your Understanding About Deeper Healing

Science has taught us that with people struggling with addiction the brain has been hijacked. After years of being trained to respond to stimulus-driven pleasure, the addicted brain gets out of balance neurologically. When this happens, individuals can’t find a way back to durable happiness.

Now science has found that the way to get the brain back into balance is to use attention training or mindfulness. Mindfulness begins the process of rebuilding and restoring healthy neural pathways in the brain.

The most exciting aspect of this work is when our staff works with someone new, we can provide them hope. We can tell them honestly that they are not broken. They just didn't learn some critical skills. They are missing crucial training that can make a difference in their efforts to recover.

At Renewal Lodge, they are in a safe place to train and develop the skills needed to be successful. It's not mystical. It's not magical. But it does require professional and dedicated training by an experienced team.
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More About Renewal Lodge by Burning Tree

Mindfulness practice helps clients more effectively become aware of what is going on in their minds and in their environments. Renewal Lodge uses therapeutic groups including small process, wellness, mindfulness-informed 12 steps, and psycho-educational, lecture-based groups to show clients healing. Individual counseling sessions are provided weekly to implement highly individualized treatment plans and observe clients’ progress throughout their treatment stay. Renewal Lodge is a leading mindfulness institute that uses mindfulness training to help clients go deeper into their recovery with the 12 steps.

“With Mindfulness in Recovery’s curriculum and John’s expertise with mindfulness, Renewal Lodge is now the leading center in Texas to treat drug addiction through mindfulness and the 12 steps. Our hope is to help our clients recover from addiction and alcoholism with the 12 steps while offering our clients deeper healing through mindfulness and therapy.” –Peter Piraino, Chief Executive Officer of Burning Tree Programs

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