The Renewal Lodge Experience: Individualized Care in a Dual Diagnosis Setting

Daily life at Renewal Lodge revolves around the revitalization of a rich, full and rewarding life. Whether participating in a one-on-one session, engaging the community in a clinical small group, or attending a psycho-educational lecture, our entire program is designed to guide the participant towards mental, emotional and physical rejuvenation.
Renewal Lodge
Renewal Lodge - Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Personalized Dual Diagnosis Care

There is never a one-size-fits-all approach at Renewal Lodge. Instead, we address the unique needs of every client we treat.

On a weekly basis, our clients engage in multiple individual sessions with their Primary Therapist, Nursing Staff, Recovery Mentor, and Psychiatrist. Honoring the distinct needs of every individual, Renewal Lodge remains committed to highly specialized dual diagnosis care.

We do this because it works!

Some Therapeutic Groups Include:

Small Process
Mindfulness-informed 12 Steps
Psychoeducational Lecture-Based
Brent Thach
"Renewal Lodge is a compassionate and loving refuge, where people can come to heal mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as learn a more skillful way to live that is in alignment with their values."
~ Brent Thach, LCDC, Certified Mindfulness In Recovery Facilitator, Clinical Director

Creating a Life of Excellence Beyond Sobriety

Renewal Lodge is about far more than not not drinking and not drugging. We are about living! Since the day we opened our doors, our goal has been to help as many individuals as possible overcome the tight constraints of mental health and addiction disorders.

Our Family Program, Individualized Care, and Discharge Planning are all facets of the hope we share for the person who still suffers. With compassion, experience, and know-how, we have created one of the most unique treatment experiences in the nation.

We also made it affordable!

Weekly Individual Sessions

Our clients engage various members of our multidisciplinary Renewal Lodge staff, including Primary Therapist, Nursing Staff, Recovery Mentor, and Psychiatrist.

Greater Healing & The Group

As our clients engage their own personal recovery journey, they will also get to enjoy the camaraderie, support, and fellowship of the greater community.