What to Expect: Loved Ones

What to Expect: Referents

What to Bring

We suggest that clients bring about TWO weeks’ worth of clothing and personal hygiene products. Upon admission, will provide each client with the following items: a pillow and bedding, a towel. Below is a list of some suggested items.
Only medications prescribed by a doctor and in the original bottle are permitted. Make sure that the dosage is accurate on the prescription bottle. Over the counter medications with a doctor’s written prescription are permitted. Medications without a doctor’s prescription will be mailed home at the client’s expense.
We encourage clients to leave all valuables at home. Renewal Lodge reserves the right to send home any valuables that may be a distraction to the client or to any other clients in treatment. Alcohol can not be the first ingredient in any products. No aerosol products allowed.
Clothing Items (2wks Worth)
Toiletries (Only Bring What You Need)
Suggested Items (If Needed)