About Renewal Lodge

“Love, Service, Excellence”

An Effective, Short-term Approach

While studies may suggest that more time in treatment often has better outcomes, not everyone can leave their life behind to enroll in a 90-day or more residential program. Through years of experience, however, our founder knew that it was possible to achieve the same success in a shorter time using a personalized approach and the right blend of therapies. Burning Tree Renewal Lodge was created as a place where this method of care could be put into practice. If you are seeking a recovery experience with a short-term timeline, particularly if you are not in a place in your life where longer residential treatment is a possibility, Renewal Lodge might be right for you.

Chance Lippert, LCDCI
"Renewal Lodge supports a message of compassion, caring, and support that is seen for our clients and staff."

~ Chance Lippert, LCDCI, Mindfulness in Recovery Certified Facilitator

What Makes Us Different

What sets Renewal Lodge apart from other treatment programs is an integrated treatment approach combining evidenced-based mindfulness and 12 step modalities. Both practices are implemented into Renewal Lodge programming to allow clients the opportunity to explore and develop highly effective actions supportive of quality, long-term recovery.

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