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Our Alumni express the experience, strength and hope that Renewal Lodge holds for the person still suffering.

As the nation’s only Mindfulness In Recovery (MIR)® Program, our clients enjoy the opportunity to create meaningful, life-long bonds. These relationships, formed as a result of life-changing experiences in treatment, are then further cultivated through the experiences shared as alumni.

Tharin Smith

“We make sure to let everyone know - as soon as they arrive - that this is about way more than sobriety.”

~ Tharin Smith, Director of Alumni Services

An Interview with Tharin Smith: Director of Alumni Services

My name is Tharin Smith. I am the Director of Alumni Services at Renewal Lodge. Part of what I get to do is maintain a connection with all of our Alumni as they continue to the next chapters in their life following treatment. I am also a grateful recovered alcoholic and addict since. I have been sober since November 11, 2005.
We want to assure everyone that comes to us knows that our investment and support in their well being doesn’t end upon their discharge from Renewal Lodge but continues forever.
Some of the things we have revived post-pandemic are gatherings such as bowling, dinners and movies. Our in-house weekly alumni meeting and monthly sweat lodge are two staff led spiritual exercises that offer our alumni an opportunity to return to and stay connected to the Lodge. Call or email me anytime, we always have something on the calendar for our Alumni!
I reach out to each client 7 days from the date of discharge, and then each month to learn how they’re doing and offer any help or support where needed.
We are set up by design to treat each individual like family. Our unique approach with the 12 steps in conjunction with Mindfulness in Recovery gives the client more opportunities to develop their spiritual path.
We know that this is a family disease so we are here for the families just as much. Our family programs are designed to educate and give support to the loved ones of our clients. Family program is a big deal at Renewal Lodge.
Their aftercare plans start well before their discharge. The treatment team considers each client’s needs, circumstances and qualifications before recommending a customized aftercare plan.
We give each client a year’s subscription to the Mindfulness in Recovery Network, with the same offerings that have been familiar with and working while at the Lodge. Also, starting in 2022 we will be facilitating a MIR group in Austin, TX, which will open to the entire community.
Everything. It is emphasized and stressed through our Big Book studies and the actual step work the clients do while here, that it is imperative to give away what was freely given to you. Renewal Lodge clients come to understand that recovery means connection and giving.

Maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Stay connected to that which changed your life. Renewal Lodge should always remain a sacred place in your heart.
Stay connected to those that impacted positive changes in your life.

Don’t ever ‘settle for less’ again. Live the wonderful life you deserve!

Take nothing for granted…the little things are the big things.

We make sure to let everyone know – as soon as they arrive – that this is about way more than sobriety. If they can invest and be open to all that’s offered – a completely new life awaits them. Sobriety is just the by-product.

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