5 Warning Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is extremely prevalent in modern society.

The way that alcohol has been normalized allows many people to drink excessively without realizing they have a problem with alcohol.

Alcohol abuse is actually extraordinarily common and if you’re not careful, it can easily impact your quality of life.

If you’re not sure whether or not you drink too much, consider these warning signs of alcohol abuse.

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Binge Drinking

Do you get drunk every time you have a drink? Not listening to your limitations is a big sign you have an issue with alcohol.

It’s normal to grab a beer or two after work with some friends but it’s not normal to be drunk every weekend.

If you regularly vomit or black-out from alcohol use, it’s time to address your relationship with alcohol.

Many people believe that as long as they are drinking socially, there is no issue with becoming drunk.

But a responsible alcohol user will stop drinking long before they become sloppily inebriated.

 Drinking Secretly

If you’ve ever had a drink and then lied about it, you do not have a healthy relationship with alcohol.

Drinking alone secretly is a sign that you need alcohol to function and are not living a healthy life without it.

People with a healthy relationship with alcohol do not feel any shame about indulging in a drink.

You should be especially concerned if you ever secretly drink prior to work or a social event.

Mood Swings

Even if you believe you drink a moderate amount, you might have a problem with alcohol if it causes you to behave erratically.

Not everyone reacts to alcohol in the same way. For some people, alcohol is a simple way to relax but for others, it brings on anxiety, depression, and anger.

Even if you only drink once or twice a week, if you damage your relationships while under the influence it’s time to take a step back and analyze if drinking is a healthy choice for you.

Drinking Daily

You should not drink daily, even if you’re not getting drunk.

The recommended amount of alcohol is three to four drinks per week. If you’re having several alcoholic drinks per day, you are most certainly over the healthy drinking limit.

It is even more concerning if you begin to notice you feel bad when you don’t consume alcohol on your regular schedule.

It doesn’t take as much alcohol as you might believe to become dependent on it and suffer from subsequent withdrawals. Withdrawals from alcohol are dangerous and should be taken seriously.

Alcohol can be enjoyable, but only in moderation. If you believe you’re abusing alcohol, cut back your intake or stop consuming alcohol altogether.

However, stopping alcohol cold turkey can be dangerous if you are already experiencing withdrawals.

If you think quitting alcohol completely might be perilous to your health, speak to your doctor about rehabilitation options.

Not Being Able to Stay Stopped

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states that there are two symptoms that treat every alcoholic the same.

The first is that even though you have sworn to stop many times, you just cannot stay stopped.

The second is that when you start, you do way more than you intended.

If you identify with either of these, then you might be an alcoholic and need professional help.


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