If you’ve recently quit drinking, you’re probably well aware of the immediate benefits it brings to your life.

Your mental clarity improves, your energy skyrockets, and you start having better relationships with your friends and family.

Here are five long-term benefits of sobriety.

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1. You Reduce Your Risk Of Serious Illness:

You already know about the immediate rush of energy and healthy glow that comes in the first few weeks after you quit.

But what you may not fully appreciate is that by giving up alcohol, you can dramatically improve your health in the future.

This includes an enormous reduction in the risk of dangerous conditions, such as stomach ulcers, cirrhosis of the liver, and heart disease.

2. You Protect Your Reproductive Health:

If you’re in your 20s and 30s and you’re planning on having children, you have a huge incentive not to drink.

In men, alcohol consumption has been shown to decrease both the number and quality of your sperm.

In women, the risk is even greater, since even mild drinking has been shown to decrease a woman’s chances of conceiving a baby.

3. You Have More Testosterone:

Speaking of reproductive health, if you’re a man and you’ve just given up alcohol, you may be happy to learn that you’ve taken a huge step in protecting yourself.

Alcohol has been shown to decrease testosterone production.

Testosterone is the main sexual hormone for males, and is responsible for everything from the quality of your erections, to how much energy you have during the day.

This becomes extremely important as you age.

 4. You Maintain Your Youthful Appearance:

You may have noticed an immediate improvement in your appearance when you first quit drinking.

Your skin cleared up, and now that you’re finally sleeping properly, the dark circles under your eyes have gone away.

But the long-term effects of alcohol on your appearance are even more devastating and include severe wrinkles, and in many people, permanent red veins on the face.

By staying sober, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be slowly destroying your looks.

 5. You Create More Wealth In Your Life:

Alcohol is one of the biggest drains on your day-to-day energy levels, making it harder to be productive in your career.

The boost of energy you experienced when you first quit will translate into more productivity in your professional life.

This daily increase in performance compounds every year, leading to a long, prosperous career.

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