For those who struggle with substance abuse and substance use disorder, the DIY approach to getting clean and staying sober is very common, but it is also rarely effective. 

Many drug addicts and alcoholics still feel they can stop doing what they are doing if they just try harder, or if they work on developing their own coping skills and relapse prevention strategies.

While the DIY approach to drug and alcohol treatment is sometimes effective, there are plenty of reasons to use a more professional form of rehab. 

We help people with addictions and substance use disorders recover. Get mindfulness training and learn the 12 Steps for deeper healing. 

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Here are 9 reasons why professional treatment is generally the best course of action.

  1. Access to Professional Counselors – Drug and alcohol treatment centers are staffed by trained professionals, a big advantage over the friends and family members who guide the average DIY detox session.
  1. Insight into the Root Causes of Addiction – In order for rehab to be effective, it must delve deep into the root causes of the addiction and alcoholism. This insight is one of the biggest benefits of professional drug and alcohol treatment.
  1. Connections to local 12-step programs – The 12-step model has proven to be very effective for alcoholics and drug addicts, but many of them do not know where to turn or which groups are worth attending. Professional treatment centers can provide expert recommendations, giving recovering addicts and alcoholics the direction they need once they head back home.
  1. Relapse prevention strategies – Staying clean can be a real challenge, but having a strategy in place can make it easier. Patients at professional rehab centers get a chance to work on their relapse prevention strategies so they can stay strong after they are back home.
  1. Help for family members – Understanding addiction is not easy for family members, and having support is very important. Professional drug and alcohol treatment centers can provide valuable assistance for family members and additional insight into what their loved ones are going through.
  1. Peer support – No one understands addiction and alcoholism as directly as the men and women who are going through it, and the support of peers can be a key driver of success. The staff at professional drug and alcohol treatment programs can provide this vital peer support, something that is not possible with the DIY approach.
  1. Enhanced safety – Detoxing from drugs can be a dangerous and even life-threatening experience for those who go it alone, but professional drug and alcohol treatment makes it safer. This safety is perhaps the biggest benefit of the professional approach to treatment.

Getting clean of drug and alcohol use is not an easy thing to do, but professional help and guidance can make all the difference in the world. 

If you or someone you care about has been struggling with any type of substance use disorder, it is important to forgo the DIY approach and trust your recovery to the pros instead. 

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