White Knuckling Sobriety

White-knuckling sobriety means you are going it alone, and you have no solution for your alcoholism.

White-knuckling your sobriety means you are trying to manage your addiction without help. You are using your willpower or trying to fix yourself with your mind.

Some people who are attempting to recover say they will just keep themselves busy. They say that they just won’t drink no matter what or hire a personal trainer and exercise more.

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These are all great things that will make you a more healthy person. However, it does not fix the root of the problem with addiction.

Almost in every case of chronic relapse or true alcoholism, these fail. These types of addicts and drinkers will eventually become so irritated that no one wants to be around them, or they will eventually relapse.

What Does White Knuckling Look Like?

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous states that someone who has stopped using drugs or drinking alcohol will go through several stages if they don’t do anything to transform their thinking.

The book states that one of the stages an alcoholic will pass through is restlessness, irritability, and discontentedness if they cannot feel the effects of alcohol. This state, which almost every real alcoholic has passed through, is the start of white-knuckling sobriety.

Unless there is a solution to this feeling, then the only thing stopping you from drinking is your willpower.

And as the book says, when it comes to drinking, our willpower is not strong enough. Not having enough willpower is an odd thing to hear for many alcoholics and addicts because their willpower is strong.

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The Big Book says it best: “The will is amazingly weakened when it comes to combating liquor, though it often remains strong in other respects.” Page 7, Alcoholics Anonymous

As a result, white-knuckling means you are trying to hang on to not drinking while becoming more and more restless and irritable. In this state, it is almost impossible not to drink.

Furthermore, this state of existence is far from the promises of sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Finding a Solution

Renewal Lodge offers 12-Step based treatment coupled with mindfulness training. To find sobriety, Renewal Lodge helps you have a psychic change or spiritual awakening.

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