Renewal Lodge in Elgin, Texas, a private addiction treatment center that teaches mindfulness and the 12 Steps, has an agreement with Ambetter health insurance for drug and alcohol treatment.

Men and women who have Ambetter health insurance can receive in-network addiction treatment services from Renewal Lodge by Burning Tree.

“If you are seeking a recovery experience that provides deeper healing by using the ancient practice of mindfulness with the 12 Step, Renewal Lodge is the best option for you,” said Peter Piraino, Renewal Lodge Executive Director, and chief operating officer of Burning Tree Programs. “Now people with addiction have more options to get care with Ambetter insurance.”

We help people with addictions and substance use disorders recover. Get mindfulness training and learn the 12 Steps for deeper healing. 

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Ambetter provides affordable health care plans that are available through the Health Insurance Marketplace, where consumers can shop, select health insurance plans that suit every individual’s unique needs, and compare information such as benefits, premiums, deductible costs, co-pays, and co-insurance requirements.

Renewal Lodge has 30, 60, and 90-day treatment options for alcoholism and drug addiction with integrated individual and group therapies as well as family counseling. Renewal Lodge provides immersive, individualized treatment for adult men and women struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. In understanding each person’s unique attributes, we utilize an integrated treatment approach combining mindfulness skills and 12 step modalities.

“Our therapies are deeply rooted in mindfulness and self-discovery. We offer a comprehensive, holistic method of healing to ensure a longer-lasting recovery.” Peter said. “Being in-network with Ambetter, allows our clients have more options to get better health.”

With Ambetter, it’s easier for you to play an active role in reaching your best health. Ambetter provides a wide variety of programs and resources that promote your whole health and well-being. Whether you’re expecting a new addition to your family or want some support in managing your health needs, Ambetter can help.

About Burning Tree Programs

Burning Tree started in 1999 by helping families and chronic relapsers heal from drug and alcohol addiction. Although it only accepts private pay, Burning Tree Ranch is the company’s flagship treatment center.

Since 1999, Burning Tree Programs has opened other facilities to offer mindfulness at Renewal Lodge and young adult transitional living at Burning Tree West.

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We have small facilities to provide the best level of care and to ensure recovery remains personal and ethical. Call us to check availability.

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