Inpatient Rehab in Texas

Repair, Rebuild, and Renew

When you’re struggling with substance abuse or a co-occurring disorder, it can be hard to imagine how to put back the puzzle pieces of your life. Immersing yourself in an inpatient rehab allows you the time and focus that you need to heal.

At Renewal Lodge in Texas, you can concentrate on yourself as you work toward a fulfilling life

Inpatient rehab is one of the most intensive and effective types of substance abuse treatment.

Clients live and stay at Renewal Lodge while they work through an individualized treatment plan that caters to their specific needs.

Our promise is that you will be treated with love & respect.

Our goal is to make Renewal Lodge your very last treatment stay.

Allow us the opportunity to provide you and/or your loved one the skills and tools to get and stay sober.

A Few Primary Goals for Inpatient Rehab.

Addiction Education
Understanding your addiction can help you get and stay sober. When you’re in active addiction, you may not have a clear perspective on the triggers for your drug use or the way that your addiction is affecting your life. Taking the time to do this in inpatient rehab reframes the disorder and helps you pursue a path toward recovery. Becoming familiar with the causes, warning signs, and consequences of substance abuse can help you see the path that will take you out of addiction. Education for family members also helps loved ones understand how to best support you throughout recovery.
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Learning Coping Skills

Mental health disorders, including substance use disorder, can make it difficult to function in daily life. Many individuals find it difficult to maintain their responsibilities and obligations when they initiate treatment. Implementing coping skills can be a challenge if you’re trying to manage other stressors in your life at the same time.

Inpatient treatment takes some of the pressure off so that you can focus on coping with the immediate effects of addiction and recovery. You’ll be able to practice these skills in a more controlled environment. Once you have integrated some of these skills, you can begin to transition back into your regular life.

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Accessing Support

Building a support system is crucial for anyone in recovery. Taking time away from your daily routine to focus on your healing can make you feel isolated from your social network. If you spend time at our inpatient treatment center in Texas, you’ll gain a sense of community. You’ll be surrounded by peers who are going through similar situations and challenges.

As you meet new people during inpatient treatment at Renewal Lodge, you’ll learn more about healthy relationships. You’ll get the opportunity to practice your communication skills in group, individual, and family therapy. Because you are living and spending time with these people for a dedicated period of time, you’ll have a chance to grow these relationships, which can continue to nourish you long after you leave inpatient treatment.

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Benefits of Renewal Lodge’s Inpatient Rehab

Renewal Lodge creates customized treatment plans for each client. The elements of a comprehensive inpatient rehab work together to provide the following benefits for each client’s recovery.
Professional Care and Monitoring

It’s not always safe to quit using drugs cold turkey. Heavy, frequent or regular use of certain substances, such as benzodiazepines or alcohol, can put you at risk of developing health problems if you suddenly stop using them. Even if quitting substances doesn’t pose a health hazard, the withdrawal period can be physically and emotionally taxing.

At our inpatient rehab facility in Texas, we offer professional care for individuals who are abstaining from drugs. Our team includes therapists, nursing staff, recovery mentors and psychiatrists. We work with clients from the moment they step in the door to initiate and maintain a strong plan for short-term and long-term recovery.

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Restrict Your Access to Drugs

Less immersive forms of addiction treatment, such as outpatient rehab, aren’t always ideal for people with severe substance use disorders. If you continue to live in your home or associate with an unhealthy social network, you might have trouble abstaining from drugs or alcohol.

At Renewal Lodge, you won’t have access to drugs. Although the environment at our Texas facility is welcoming and inviting, it is also controlled. Our atmosphere encourages clients to seek other sources of pleasure, entertainment, and fulfillment without the temptation to use.

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Creates Structure

If you have been accustomed to using drugs to function, your entire life can feel like it’s turned upside down when you quit. The routine and structure that you’re used to will change completely. You may have lost all sense of structure in your life when you decided to seek treatment.

At Renewal Lodge, your day will be structured according to an organized schedule. Although you’ll have free time to relax and reflect, you’ll be encouraged to join in activities that support your healing. We provide you with resources to keep you busy and motivated so that you don’t fixate on your addiction or feel bored with the changes in your life.

We use a wide range of modalities to help you enjoy your time at inpatient rehab. Whether you’re working with an individual therapist, participating in a small process group or practicing mindfulness techniques, you’ll develop skills for structuring your life beyond the walls of our Texas facility.

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Your 4-Part Recovery Process

Treat Your Whole Self

Alcohol abuse affects every part of a person: their mind, soul, and body. We believe your treatment should too.

Mindfulness in Recovery (MIR)® treatment uses the 12-step program, mindfulness practices, and medication to offer a holistic treatment program. So you can find lasting freedom.


Treat The Family

Alcohol Abuse never only affects the person suffering from the disease. It also affects the people closest to them.

The family program is a 2-day training program offered once a month where you’ll discover ways to help and support your loved one as well as ways to find your own inner healing.


Learn Emotional Regulation Skills

Many people use alcohol to cope with stress, trauma, and emotional turmoil. Learning to mindfully manage your emotions helps prevent lapses. It arms you with better tools to cope with heavy emotions.

We teach emotional intelligence to help residents manage emotions without relying on alcohol.


Leave With Courage

Your custom discharge and aftercare plan will give you the tools to walk in freedom long after leaving Renewal Lodge.

Your custom aftercare plan may include:

  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP)
  • Outpatient Programming (OP)
  • Individual therapy
  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Structured sober living


Your structured aftercare plan provides a successful transition as you navigate your next season of recovery.

Inpatient Rehab in Texas' Serene Environment

Did you know that research shows that you need ongoing support for at least 30 days to start your recovery on the right foot and maintain it?

At Renewal Lodge, we have created an environment that supports your needs for substance abuse and mental health treatment. You can choose a 30 to 90-day plan to give yourself the best opportunity for a sustained recovery. When it’s time to get back to your regular life, our Aftercare program will help you make the transition so that you continue to feel supported as you reestablish the meaningful life that you deserve.

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.

~Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati