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Exploring the connection between your mental health and your addiction is a vital part of the recovery process. Many people with substance use disorders have co-occurring mental illnesses, and it’s impossible to fully recover without addressing the underlying mental health concerns.

Dual diagnosis is the presence of both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder.

Sometimes mental health disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, or anxiety appear first, and the individual turns to drugs or alcohol to cope with their pain. In other cases, substance use leads to mental health symptoms. Because of this, dual diagnosis can lead to a vicious cycle that just gets worse and worse over time without the proper type of treatment.

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What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Why Is It Important?

Traditional inpatient programs focus mainly on addiction, so they may disregard other mental health factors. Mental health and addiction are undeniably linked, though. Addressing one without the other will not help you achieve true recovery. If you’re still struggling in one area, relapse is much more likely.

An inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center looks at the full picture for each individual. It puts equal emphasis on mental health treatment and addiction treatment. During group and individual therapies, you explore both diagnoses and how they interact with each other. By treating both disorders at an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center, you build a strong foundation for long-term success.

The Benefits of an Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

If you experience mental health issues alongside your addiction, there are numerous benefits to attending an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center. 

Staff know what to look for
The treatment team at a dual diagnosis program knows to look for underlying mental health issues instead of attributing all of your symptoms to your addiction. This ensures that a mental health diagnosis doesn’t get overlooked.
Stramlined care
Combining mental health and addiction services at an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center also creates a more streamlined plan of care. You don’t have to see multiple providers for different diagnoses. When you can address everything at once, your treatment feels more cohesive and comprehensive. Additionally, instead of viewing your addiction and mental illness as two separate issues, you and your treatment team can explore how the diagnoses interact. Understanding how your mental health disorder and addiction contribute to one another can prevent relapse with either diagnosis.
Accessing Support
Attending an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center creates an opportunity for you to connect with others with similar experiences, too. Dual diagnosis can be extremely isolating. Participating in group therapies with people who can relate to your story helps you feel less alone.

Services Offered at a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

The services at an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center aim to address your addiction and your mental health disorder. At Renewal Lodge, we offer a variety of individual and small-group experiences to help you heal. The following are some common types of treatments offered at a dual diagnosis treatment center:

Renewal Lodge offers Mindfulness in Recovery, a treatment approach that aims to increase your self-awareness and self-compassion. Mindfulness is a powerful tool that you can continue to incorporate into your life after graduating from an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center.
Individual Therapy
Working one-on-one with a licensed counselor can help you develop the coping skills you need to live a happy, healthy life free from addiction.
Group Therapy

Collaborating with peers in small group sessions at an dual diagnosis treatment center allows you to learn from others with shared experiences and helps you make meaningful connections.

Psychiatric Medication Management
Medication can play a valuable role in the treatment process, especially if you have a dual diagnosis.
Family Therapy
Renewal Lodge offers family counseling and education to help the entire family unit heal from the effects of addiction.
Discharge Planning
Your treatment team will make a detailed, individualized discharge plan so that you continue to receive the support you need after leaving the inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center.

Is an Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Right for You?

Overcoming dual diagnosis is challenging, but it is always possible with the right support. If you’ve been trying to break out of the addiction cycle without success, it’s time to reach out for help. Working with a professional team for your treatment plan will ensure that you’re getting the support you need for every aspect of your mental health.

Renewal Lodge is an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center that serves individuals with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma, and a wide range of other co-occurring illnesses. Our team understands the importance of looking at the broader picture of mental health when treating addiction, and we always take an individualized approach. If you’re looking for a dual diagnosis treatment center in Texas, please contact us today.

Dear Renewal Lodge Visitors,

My name is John Bruna, co-founder of the Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute, and more importantly, a grateful member of the recovery community. I am incredibly fortunate to have found my recovery in 1984. Of course, I did not achieve continuous recovery through willpower or my own efforts, but through the guidance and caring support of countless others that selflessly taught me how to live through the 12 Steps.

My journey of recovery brought this once homeless, shame-based, traumatized, insecure young man to a life far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I discovered self-worth, the joy of helping others, the gifts of parenting and grandparenting, and most importantly the ability to live a meaningful and purposeful life with integrity.

One of the greatest gifts of recovery is that I have the opportunity to give back and help others discover their self-worth, dignity, and the skills to fully live lives that they find truly meaningful. This is the inspiration for developing the skills of Mindfulness in Recovery® (MIR) to meet the needs of new generations struggling with alcohol and other substance use disorders. MIR is a set of evidence-based skills designed to help people fully integrate their tools of recovery in ways that are personalized, practical, and in alignment with their deepest values.

While we train counselors and therapists throughout the United States and abroad, I personally have chosen to work directly with the amazing team and clients at Renewal Lodge to develop the model MIR 12-step program for the nation. I choose Renewal Lodge because of the vision of its mission and the dedication of its team. Renewal Lodge is an extremely rare environment in which the staff embodies the very mindfulness and 12-step practices and skills they offer their clients. The results have been beyond my expectations. It is an honor to be here and I treasure my personal time with every client I meet.

With Gratitude,

John Bruna
John Bruna
Director of Mindfulness
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