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Substance Abuse Treatment near Dallas, TX

Witnessing a loved one transform into someone unrecognizable due to substance abuse is a deeply painful experience. The destructive impact of substance abuse disorders extends not just to those struggling with addiction but also profoundly affects their loved ones.

Renewal Lodge, offering substance abuse treatment near Dallas, Texas, provides a beacon of hope for those seeking recovery. Our inpatient rehab program is dedicated to helping individuals regain control of their lives and achieve lasting freedom from addiction. We are committed to guiding people toward a path of renewal and hope.

Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse

Detecting early signs and symptoms of substance abuse is vital for prompt intervention and effective treatment. These indicators can be categorized into physical, behavioral, and psychological symptoms:

Physical Symptoms

  • Noticeable changes in appearance, such as sudden weight loss or gain.
  • Neglect of personal hygiene.
  • Bloodshot or glazed eyes.
  • Unusual body odors or smells on breath or clothing.
  • Slurred speech, impaired coordination, or unsteady walking.
  • Frequent nosebleeds, which may be associated with snorted drugs.
  • Changes in sleep patterns, either insomnia or excessive sleep.
  • Visible signs of intoxication, such as drowsiness or hyperactivity.

Behavioral Changes

  • Increased secrecy or deceptive behavior.
  • Withdrawal from family and friends.
  • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.
  • Sudden changes in social circle or hanging out with a new group.
  • Neglecting responsibilities at home, work, or school.
    Legal issues or getting into frequent trouble.
  • Risky behaviors, especially when under the influence, like driving drunk.
  • Financial problems, such as unexplained borrowing or spending.
Psychological Symptoms
  • Increased secrecy or deceptive behavior.
  • Withdrawal from family and friends.
  • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.
  • Sudden changes in social circle or hanging out with a new group.
  • Neglecting responsibilities at home, work, or school.
    Legal issues or getting into frequent trouble.
  • Risky behaviors, especially when under the influence, like driving drunk.
  • Financial problems, such as unexplained borrowing or spending.
It is important to note that these symptoms can vary widely depending on the substance being used, the frequency and duration of use, and individual factors. If you notice these signs in yourself or someone else, it’s important to seek professional help. Substance abuse is a treatable condition, and early intervention can lead to more effective outcomes.

How to Help a Loved One Struggling with Substance Abuse

Helping someone struggling with substance abuse requires empathy, patience, and understanding. It’s important to approach the situation with compassion, avoiding judgment or confrontation.

Begin by expressing your concerns in a caring and non-threatening way, focusing on the impact of their behavior on their health and wellbeing, rather than on the substance use itself. Educate yourself about addiction to understand what they are going through. Encourage them to seek professional assistance and offer to help in finding treatment options, such as therapy, support groups, or rehabilitation centers. Providing a strong support system is crucial; be there to listen, offer encouragement, and celebrate their progress, no matter how small.

However, it’s also vital to set boundaries to protect your own mental and emotional health. Remember that substance abuse recovery is a journey, and relapse can be part of the process.

Patience and continued support can make a significant difference in their path to recovery.

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A One-Of-A-Kind Approach To Substance Abuse Recovery


Renewal Lodge is the first rehab to incorporate mindfulness as a key component of substance abuse treatment. If you live in Dallas, TX and are seeking recovery, we can help.

The 12 Steps

The 12 Step Program is one of the most respected and long standing recovery programs to date. It’s highly effective at addressing both the internal and external causes of addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Care

Substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses often go hand in hand. One often leads to the other or worsens the other. That’s why we treat both with dual diagnosis care.

“They don’t just sell sobriety here…”

“but a way into true, meaningful, purposeful, lasting happiness."

~ Tommy Kreitz

“ changed my life.”

I stayed 60 days in treatment and it changed my life… I learned how to be a better person through mindfulness and a 12 step program. I would recommend it to anyone looking for their first or last rehab.

~ Eve Lynn S.

“The only place… that truly delivers on that promise…”

Pretty much every place will promise you a “mind, body, soul” approach to recovery, but this is the only place I’ve been that truly delivers on that promise.

~ Caroline Nilsen

4 Steps To Substance Abuse Treatment


Treat Your Whole Self

Substance abuse affects every part of a person: their mind, soul, and body. We believe your treatment should too.

Mindfulness in Recovery (MIR)® treatment uses the 12-step program, mindfulness practices, and medication to offer a holistic treatment program. So you can find lasting freedom.


Treat The Family

Substance abuse never only affects the person suffering from the disease. It also affects the people closest to them.

The family program is a 2-day training program offered once a month where you’ll discover ways to help and support your loved one as well as ways to find your own inner healing.


Learn Emotional Regulation Skills

Many people use substances to cope with stress, trauma, and emotional turmoil. Learning to mindfully manage your emotions helps prevent lapses. It arms you with better tools to cope with heavy emotions.

We teach emotional intelligence to help residents manage emotions without relying on substances.


Leave With Courage

Your custom discharge and aftercare plan will give you the tools to walk in freedom long after leaving Renewal Lodge.

Your custom aftercare plan may include:

  • Partial Hospitalization (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP)
  • Outpatient Programming (OP)
  • Individual therapy
  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Structured sober living


Your structured aftercare plan provides a successful transition as you navigate your next season of recovery.

In-Network Substance Abuse Treatment Near Dallas, TX

Our substance abuse treatment center is designed to be accessible for individuals with various health insurance plans; our treatment center provides comprehensive care tailored to meet the unique needs of each person.

Will Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment near Dallas, TX?

Cost is the number one barrier that prevents most people from getting substance abuse treatment in Dallas.

Renewal Lodge is one of the most affordable drug rehabs near Dallas, TX. One way we keep our costs reasonable for our clients is by partnering with numerous insurance companies.

We are in-network with a wide range of insurance providers.

Who We Treat

STUDY: Relocating Decreases Relapse By 450%

Renewal Lodge is located in Elgin, TX, a short 3-hour drive from Dallas, TX. Some residents are concerned about the distance. However, relocation can actually bolster long-term recovery, according to a study from PubMed.
Renewal Lodge provides a fresh start in a fresh environment so you can focus solely on healing. Without distractions.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Dallas, TX

Reports by the Dallas Fire Department from September 2018 indicate a rise in cocaine use.


Methamphetamine abuse is rapidly emerging as the most significant drug challenge in the Dallas area.


The misuse of pharmaceuticals is widespread among teenagers and young adults in the Dallas, TX area.


Types of Substance Abuse Addressed at Our Addiction Treatment Center

At Renewal Lodge, we specialize in treating a variety of substance abuse issues with a compassionate and holistic approach. Our treatments are designed to address the unique challenges presented by different substances, including:
  • Alcohol: Understanding the physical and emotional dependence on alcohol, we provide comprehensive treatment plans.
  • Prescription Drugs: We tackle the misuse of medications like painkillers, sedatives, and stimulants, focusing on both physical health and psychological well-being.
  • Methamphetamine: Our program offers specialized care to address the intense physical and psychological effects of methamphetamine abuse.
  • Heroin/Opiates: We provide targeted treatments for the complex addiction to heroin and other opiates, including medication-assisted therapies.
  • Cocaine: Treatment for cocaine abuse at our facility focuses on overcoming intense cravings and psychological dependency.
  • Marijuana: Despite its growing legality, we recognize the potential for marijuana abuse and offer tailored treatments.
  • Hallucinogens: Our approach to hallucinogen abuse includes therapy to address the profound psychological impacts of these substances.
  • Benzodiazepines: We address the challenges of benzodiazepine dependency with a focus on safe withdrawal and long-term recovery strategies.
Renewal Lodge is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that helps individuals attain sustainable recovery, along with a revitalized sense of purpose and well-being.

Does Renewal Lodge Have A Drug Detox Program?

We can help you find a detox program in the Dallas area before you come to rehab. If you or a loved one need detox, we’ll help recommend the best detox clinic near you, help you schedule an appointment, and work with you every step of the way.

Need Substance Abuse Treatment Near Dallas, TX?

Cities across the US have become inundated with substance abuse disorders, and, according to drug and alcohol statics, the metroplex is no exception.

Our drug addiction treatment center is for Dallas, TX individuals seeking substance abuse recovery. If you’re tired of Dallas rehab programs that overpromise and underdeliver, we are here to help. Contact us any time.

Dear Renewal Lodge Visitors,

My name is John Bruna, co-founder of the Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute, and more importantly, a grateful member of the recovery community. I am incredibly fortunate to have found my recovery in 1984. Of course, I did not achieve continuous recovery through willpower or my own efforts, but through the guidance and caring support of countless others that selflessly taught me how to live through the 12 Steps.

My journey of recovery brought this once homeless, shame-based, traumatized, insecure young man to a life far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I discovered self-worth, the joy of helping others, the gifts of parenting and grandparenting, and most importantly the ability to live a meaningful and purposeful life with integrity.

One of the greatest gifts of recovery is that I have the opportunity to give back and help others discover their self-worth, dignity, and the skills to fully live lives that they find truly meaningful. This is the inspiration for developing the skills of Mindfulness in Recovery® (MIR) to meet the needs of new generations struggling with alcohol and other substance use disorders. MIR is a set of evidence-based skills designed to help people fully integrate their tools of recovery in ways that are personalized, practical, and in alignment with their deepest values.

While we train counselors and therapists throughout the United States and abroad, I personally have chosen to work directly with the amazing team and clients at Renewal Lodge to develop the model MIR 12-step program for the nation. I choose Renewal Lodge because of the vision of its mission and the dedication of its team. Renewal Lodge is an extremely rare environment in which the staff embodies the very mindfulness and 12-step practices and skills they offer their clients. The results have been beyond my expectations. It is an honor to be here and I treasure my personal time with every client I meet.

With Gratitude,

John Bruna
John Bruna
Director of Mindfulness
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