Dual Diagnosis Treatment in the Austin, TX, Area

The Key To Lasting Recovery: Dual Diagnosis


Numerous Austin, TX, residents grapple with substance abuse. But addiction often stems from underlying mental health challenges.

Mental health disorders create unique challenges to treating addiction. It’s not possible to treat just one. They need combined treatment at the same time for both to be successful.

At Renewal Lodge, we specialize in dual diagnosis treatment in Austin, TX. We treat both addiction and the underlying mental health issues. This paves the way for patients to reclaim a fulfilling life.


What Is Dual Diagnosis?

In the context of substance abuse, dual diagnosis refers to individuals who not only grapple with drug and/or alcohol addiction but also deal with mental health disorders. These individuals often require assessment and diagnoses for both conditions.

Imagine someone dealing with a substance abuse disorder while simultaneously wrestling with a mental health issue such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, or severe anxiety. They face distinct challenges. This means they need personalized treatment tailored to their dual diagnosis.

Choosing a rehab that only treats substance abuse falls short when a patient also struggles with mental health challenges.

Typically, treating only one condition leaves the individual without a full recovery from either condition. Dual diagnosis treatment delves into the root issues. This paves the way for real and lasting recovery from both substance abuse and mental health issues.

At Renewal Lodge, our substance abuse rehabilitation center near Austin, TX specializes in dual diagnosis treatment.

We combine traditional 12-step programs with a program that helps our patients become more mindful, emotionally aware, and capable of maintaining strong relationships.

Through our comprehensive mental health assessments and evidence-based therapeutic techniques, our patients take significant strides toward overcoming addiction and achieving lasting wellness.

How do you treat a dual diagnosis?

At Renewal Lodge, we’ve developed a highly effective approach to treating dual diagnosis at our rehab facility near Austin, TX. This method not only leads to lasting recovery from substance abuse. It also significantly enhances the overall well-being of our patients.

The first step to treat dual diagnosis is getting an accurate assessment. The assessment involves identifying both the substance abuse issue and the accompanying mental health disorder.

Then, the team at Renewal Lodge crats a tailor-made treatment plan to treat both conditions.

What are the most common conditions with a dual diagnosis?

Research has found that 50% of individuals dealing with a substance use disorder also face the challenge of a coexisting mental health condition. Let’s delve into some of the most common mental health disorders that contribute to a dual diagnosis:

What medication is used for dual diagnosis?

Tailoring medication to suit each patient’s specific needs is crucial. This is precisely why Renewal Lodge conducts thorough assessments for each patient. Then, we meticulously design the most suitable treatment plan. Some common medications used in dual diagnosis treatment include:

  • Antidepressants: Typically prescribed for individuals dealing with depression and anxiety disorders.
  • Mood Stabilizers: These medications help stabilize patients’ moods and alleviate symptoms associated with bipolar disorder.
  • Stimulant Medications: These are used to treat Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and reduce the risk of relapse in substance abuse.
  • Buprenorphine: This medication helps patients manage withdrawal symptoms related to alcohol or opioid dependence.
  • And various others as needed.

How Does Dual Diagnosis Affect Families in Austin?

While every family member naturally hopes that their loved one will recover, very few people have the necessary tools to care for and assist someone dealing with a dual diagnosis.

In most cases, both the individual facing the dual diagnosis and their family members experience frustration and helplessness if they don’t seek professional assistance.

When left untreated, dual diagnosis patients often develop tumultuous relationships, cause disruptions within the family dynamic, suffer from financial difficulties, and experience other challenges.

At Renewal Lodge, we know the burdens that dual diagnosis places on families. This is precisely why we’ve created our Family Program. This recovery program helps families understand addiction and mental health disorders. It also provides them the support needed to heal and recover together.

Is dual diagnosis treatment successful?

At Renewal Lodge, we tailor our treatment to meet the unique challenges that each patient faces.

For individuals with a dual diagnosis, an integrated treatment approach is the most effective. This approach addresses both the substance abuse disorder and the accompanying mental health disorder. 

This integrated strategy allows us to customize care according to each patient’s specific circumstances.

Studies show that patients who receive integrated treatment experience

  • Fewer arrests
  • Reduced hospitalization
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better recovery outcomes for both disorders
  • Increased housing stability
  • Improved psychiatric functioning
  • Reduced or discontinued substance use

About The Renewal Lodge Dual Diagnosis Program

Merely treating the visible signs of addiction without delving into the underlying mental health issues falls short. You can’t achieve lasting recovery that way.

Renewal Lodge provides dual diagnosis services in Austin, TX. Our comprehensive mental health assessments and evidence-based therapeutic approaches are instrumental in guiding individuals toward substance abuse recovery.

We help patients discover the triggers behind their addiction, enabling them to anticipate or avoid cravings and situations that cause them.

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Where is Renewal Lodge Located?

Nestled in the town of Elgin, TX, our rehab facility lies just outside Austin, TX.

Our drug rehab center is close enough to Austin so that you stay connected with your family. However, it’s far enough away that you’re protected from potential triggers.

Begin your journey to freedom today by reaching out to us.

Dear Renewal Lodge Visitors,

My name is John Bruna, co-founder of the Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute, and more importantly, a grateful member of the recovery community. I am incredibly fortunate to have found my recovery in 1984. Of course, I did not achieve continuous recovery through willpower or my own efforts, but through the guidance and caring support of countless others that selflessly taught me how to live through the 12 Steps.

My journey of recovery brought this once homeless, shame-based, traumatized, insecure young man to a life far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I discovered self-worth, the joy of helping others, the gifts of parenting and grandparenting, and most importantly the ability to live a meaningful and purposeful life with integrity.

One of the greatest gifts of recovery is that I have the opportunity to give back and help others discover their self-worth, dignity, and the skills to fully live lives that they find truly meaningful. This is the inspiration for developing the skills of Mindfulness in Recovery® (MIR) to meet the needs of new generations struggling with alcohol and other substance use disorders. MIR is a set of evidence-based skills designed to help people fully integrate their tools of recovery in ways that are personalized, practical, and in alignment with their deepest values.

While we train counselors and therapists throughout the United States and abroad, I personally have chosen to work directly with the amazing team and clients at Renewal Lodge to develop the model MIR 12-step program for the nation. I choose Renewal Lodge because of the vision of its mission and the dedication of its team. Renewal Lodge is an extremely rare environment in which the staff embodies the very mindfulness and 12-step practices and skills they offer their clients. The results have been beyond my expectations. It is an honor to be here and I treasure my personal time with every client I meet.

With Gratitude,

John Bruna
John Bruna
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