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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in a Dual Diagnosis Setting

The Nation’s Most Unique 90-Day Rehab Program in Texas


Renewal Lodge’s 90-Day Dual Diagnosis Rehab Program serving Austin, Texas and surrounding areas is specially designed for chronic relapsers and first-time treatment goers alike. Committed and passionate, we help family members who need help getting a loved one into treatment. Together, we unite as one family and help the loved one recover.

Why are You or Your Loved One Having Trouble Staying Sober with Traditional Drug Treatment?

Renewal Lodge Is Based On a Proven Treatment Program That Started in 1999

Renewal Lodge is based on Burning Tree Ranch’s residential rehab program that is specifically designed for chronic relapsers, or clients who have gone to multiple treatment centers and cannot stay sober.

  • We’ve taken what we have learned over the last 20 years and applied our learnings to Renewal Lodge.
  • We help you understand the condition of the addict/alcoholic.
  • We help you learn how to treat the disease of addiction and alcoholism.
  • We help you build a treatment plan after you leave Renewal Lodge so you can experience long term recovery.

Who Is This Rehab Program For?

This rehab program is for ALL Chronic Relapsers and Families Looking for a solution for their loved ones. It’s for people who suffer from mental health and substance abuse disorders who:

  • Cannot stay sober no matter what they have tried.
  • Cannot stay stopped even though they have sworn off multiple times.
  • Cannot control the amount that they take.
  • Have broken promises to stop.
  • Are not deterred by the consequences of their addiction.
  • Have estranged or broken relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.

What's Different About Renewal Lodge

Renewal Lodge is a dual diagnosis rehab program serving Austin, Texas and surrounding areas that blends the 12 Steps with Mindfulness to create a groundbreaking modality for treatment. Mindfulness is an ancient practice of being aware of your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and emotions.

Mindfulness is not religiously affiliated, but instead helps our clients deepen their understanding of sobriety. Mindfulness practices complement Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps. This cutting edge treatment approach is supported by world-class clinical and therapeutic support.

  • Our programs offer a deepening of the 12 Steps with mindfulness training.
  • We offer 30 to 90-day residential treatment programs
  • Co-ed facility but gender-specific process groups six days a week.
  • Utilizes an integrated treatment approach by combining evidenced-based mindfulness skills and 12 step modalities.
  • Our programs include recovery-based lectures, process groups, meditation, and individual treatment plans
Discharge Plan

Did you know a discharge plan is just as important as going to treatment?

Addiction and alcoholism are chronic diseases. Because of this, you need to continue your care when you leave treatment.

Renewal Lodge gives you a personal discharge plan so you can continue to treat your mental health, chronic alcoholism or addiction.

If you leave treatment without a plan, you will most likely drink or use again because of the chronic nature of the disease.

12-Step Immersion with Clinical Support

Renewal Lodge treatment program embraces the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Learn to do the steps as they were taught when the book of Alcoholics Anonymous was written in 1939.

Get a solid understanding of the spiritual malady and the reasons you cannot stay stopped and you keep relapsing.

Find a solution that has worked for millions of people across the world.

Mindfulness Component

We also teach mindfulness, which easily complements the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Mindfulness is about being aware of what is going on with your body, your senses, your emotions, thoughts. It also helps you understand impermanence, and understanding that dissatisfaction is a part of existence.

The goal of Mindfulness practice is to gain insight and to end dissatisfaction in one’s life.

Mindfulness practice can help to remove the obsession, desire, and mental craving to drink, and use drugs.

How does Mindfulness help with the 12 Steps?

  • ​​Mindfulness helps one gain insight into what is going on in their mind and in their daily life.
  • It helps one to get a better/appropriate relationship with their minds, emotions, behaviors, lives, past, present, and their relationships with others.
  • This insight can help our clients, to be honest, and thorough when doing their Step work, which is what the program laid out in the Big Book asks them to do.

Psychotherapy in Austin, Texas

Our highly trained team is licensed and qualified to provide a range of therapeutic modalities for several commonly co-occurring mental health disorders, including:
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD

If you are struggling with addiction or alcoholism, this program can help you:

  • Understand how to treat your addiction or alcoholism.
  • Heal mental health disorders.
  • Get psychotherapy from experts.
  • Build a discharge plan that will show you what you need to do to continue to treat your disease and your mental health.
  • Understand why you cannot drink or use like a normal person.
  • Have sobriety and freedom from addiction and alcoholism.

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Table of Contents

Dear Renewal Lodge Visitors,

My name is John Bruna, co-founder of the Mindfulness in Recovery® Institute, and more importantly, a grateful member of the recovery community. I am incredibly fortunate to have found my recovery in 1984. Of course, I did not achieve continuous recovery through willpower or my own efforts, but through the guidance and caring support of countless others that selflessly taught me how to live through the 12 Steps.

My journey of recovery brought this once homeless, shame-based, traumatized, insecure young man to a life far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I discovered self-worth, the joy of helping others, the gifts of parenting and grandparenting, and most importantly the ability to live a meaningful and purposeful life with integrity.

One of the greatest gifts of recovery is that I have the opportunity to give back and help others discover their self-worth, dignity, and the skills to fully live lives that they find truly meaningful. This is the inspiration for developing the skills of Mindfulness in Recovery® (MIR) to meet the needs of new generations struggling with alcohol and other substance use disorders. MIR is a set of evidence-based skills designed to help people fully integrate their tools of recovery in ways that are personalized, practical, and in alignment with their deepest values.

While we train counselors and therapists throughout the United States and abroad, I personally have chosen to work directly with the amazing team and clients at Renewal Lodge to develop the model MIR 12-step program for the nation. I choose Renewal Lodge because of the vision of its mission and the dedication of its team. Renewal Lodge is an extremely rare environment in which the staff embodies the very mindfulness and 12-step practices and skills they offer their clients. The results have been beyond my expectations. It is an honor to be here and I treasure my personal time with every client I meet.

With Gratitude,

John Bruna
John Bruna
Director of Mindfulness
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