Gender-specific small process groups

GS process groups are facilitated by a licensed professional allowing peers to have a safe space to process and gain insight into emotions, behaviors, and challenges in a therapeutic group setting.

Big Book

Big Book group is an educative and interactive process surrounding the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Life Skills

Life skills groups educate and enable clients to implement functional and effective daily skills and tools to monitor and manage life when integrating into the community after treatment.


Meditation groups are an essential part of programming at Renewal Lodge and consist of varying styles of meditation facilitated by staff. Some of the meditations include silent, guided, reflective, mindfulness, and walking.

Joy in Recovery

Joy in recovery is a 4-hour clinical outing every Saturday. We aim to show clients how to have fun sober. These outings include high and low ropes challenges, softball, kickball, movies, bowling, as well as other experiential outings.

Wellness programming

Active Recovery Coaching works with our clients 2x a week in promoting a well-balanced active lifestyle in recovery. Group fitness is offered as well as check-ins concerning weekly wellness goals, challenges, and accountability support.

Mindfulness in Motion

During our daily chores, we demonstrate the ability to be fully mindful and present to create intention, thoughtfulness, and bring joy and flow into the ordinary tasks.

Gym time

Clients have access to the gym 7 days a week and can use the gym during any free time.


Community groups set the intention for the day, review goals from the day before, and also encompass staff-led and peer-assisted accountability support.

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