The Renewal Lodge Experience

Daily life at Renewal Lodge is structured and purposeful with each client expected to attend and participate in all aspects of programming. A typical day is filled with therapeutic groups including small process, wellness, mindfulness-informed 12 steps, and psychoeducational lecture-based groups. Individual counseling sessions are provided weekly to implement highly individualized treatment plans and observe client progress throughout their treatment stay. Outside of individual and group programming, clients will participate in a community that is centered around peers being of support and service to one another. The power of the group in recovery is tangible, and Renewal Lodge’s daily schedule was established to support this dynamic.

What to expect

When you or your loved one arrives on campus, bag check protocol and search-of-person is conducted to ensure no mood-altering substances, or any items that may cause damage or harm to self/others are brought onto campus. Once bag check is completed, individuals will be shown to their room by staff and allowed sufficient time to get settled. Once clients are settled in, they are provided with a tour of the campus, a daily schedule, and a client handbook. Each client will be assigned a counselor and participate in weekly one-on-one sessions. A biopsychosocial assessment will be completed with the assigned clinician within the first three days of admission providing a thorough history of substance use, medical, mental health, and family dynamics. After this information is gathered, an individualized treatment plan will be developed and implemented in coordination with each client. A continuing care plan is developed by the treatment team to provide each individual with a clinically recommended level of aftercare following completion of Renewal Lodge programming. From the first contact to discharge and transition from treatment, Renewal Lodge will be with you or your loved one every step of the way.

Why co-ed

It is our goal to replicate real-world social dynamics as best we can while providing a safe environment for all clients that walk through our doors. Our community is monitored 24 hours a day by professional staff. We stress communication, boundaries, and support in the community and expect these to be respected. Co-educational lectures allow the staff to educate, inform, and teach the community as a whole on an assortment of recovery-based topics and approaches. Process groups are gender specific, and both male and female clinicians are available for individual therapy. Lastly, Renewal Lodge strives to treat the common relational and attachment problems of our clients by modeling, redirecting, and counseling new, healthier connections with respect and boundaries

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