Mission Statement Philosophy of “Love, Service, Excellence”


In recovery, love is the foundation to personal growth and caring relationships while addiction deprives individuals of the ability to care for themselves in a loving and compassionate way. Through non-judgement and loving action, individuals at Renewal Lodge will discard behaviors that keep them from permanent recovery and trapped in patterns that lead to relapse.


We understand that a purposeful life that serves our families, fellowship, and community is fundamental to long-term sobriety. Helping clients to discover their gifts, abilities, and capacity to be useful to others fosters self-esteem, integrity, and connection. The power of service not only promotes connection, but also helps individuals forge a sustainable and supported path to recovery.


We believe in delivering our services with excellence. Following through on commitments, paying attention to detail, and being intentional in all aspects of our work are principles that guide us. We view the responsibility of caring for our clients as sacred. As a team demonstrating these values through action, we help clients understand the importance of being authentic. Information is helpful, but in order for treatment to be effective, the behaviors and patterns that lead to chronic relapse need to be addressed.

What makes us different

Addiction is a pervasive medical condition which affects the lives of everyone who encounters it. No segment of life’s fabric is left untouched, bringing with it confusion, hopelessness, and a deep yearning for a better life. People afflicted with a substance use disorder, including their family, suffer in all areas of the human experience: body, mind, and spirit. Renewal Lodge is a refuge for these individuals and serves to help a person get sober and, even more importantly, experience a life fully transformed by awareness, joy, and fulfillment.

The Renewal Lodge Experience

Daily life at The Renewal Lodge is structured and purposeful with each client expected to attend and participate in all aspects of programming. A typical day is filled with therapeutic groups including small process, wellness, mindfulness-informed 12 steps, and psychoeducational lecture-based groups. Individual counseling sessions are provided weekly to implement highly individualized treatment plans and observe client progress throughout their treatment stay. Outside of individual and group programming clients will participate in a community that is centered around peers being of support and service to one another. The power of the group in recovery is tangible, and Renewal Lodge’s daily schedule was established to support this dynamic.

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