Our clinical team is advanced in their knowledge and skills in working with individuals who suffer from addiction and will work to identify the patterns most likely to set clients up for relapse. Working as a team, we assess clients’ needs throughout treatment, to create a plan that will support permanent sobriety. Our expertise is in identifying the patterns that lead to chronic relapse and providing clients with the tools they need to practice the principles of a sober life. Recovery is a life-long commitment, and our team has always been, and will continue to be, dedicated to helping the people we serve find sobriety.


The clinical team at Renewal Lodge works together as a group to help the individuals we serve. Each client is assigned a counselor, but the clinical team combines their talents and experience to address each client’s needs as they are revealed. People suffering from addiction come to treatment in a great deal of emotional and psychological pain. They have lost themselves, their hopes, dreams, passions, integrity, and the trust of their significant others. Our team holds the hope for recovery and a new way of life until they can believe it for themselves. Our expertise in the fundamentals of addiction counseling is paramount to our clients’ success, but more important is the passion and dedication that we have for helping people achieve long-term sobriety.


The disease of addiction is a disease of disconnection from self, others, the community, and life. Our staff is committed to assisting clients in reconnecting to their values, integrity, and purpose, as well as their significant others. We use treatment groups and community activities as a way to practice interpersonal skills. Our team believes that modeling the principles we teach is one of the most effective ways of helping clients see recovery principles in action. We are committed to personal growth, self-reflection, and excellence in our work.

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